• Women's Self-Defense and Empowerment

Course Content

A typical class is 4 hours and includes the following topics:

Don't be the Chosen One

  • What predators look for in a target
  • What makes you vulnerable to an attack

Trust Your "Gut"

  • Using and developing your intuition

Don't Just Freeze

  • Breaking out of the "freeze state" when frightened or surprised

Becoming a "Hard Target"

  • The “Interview” – A potential attacker will often “interview” you to decide if you are a good/soft target

Safety Tips

  • Entering a building
  • Your attacker has a gun
  • Mass shootings
  • Car jacking
  • If you find yourself in a car
  • Robbery
  • Uber/Ride Services
  • Hotel safety
  • Body parts to target
  • Knife attacks
  • Never leave food or drinks unattended – date rape drugs
  • Stranger danger
  • Home invasions
  • Pepper sprays

"NO" is a Complete Sentence
Preparing for the Worst Possible Scenario

  • Making the best plans for the worst possible situations

Self-Defense Techniques - How to escape common sexual assault scenarios:

  • Rape Position
  • Front Choke (one handed and two handed chokes)
  • Wrist Grab
  • Rear Choke
  • Attack from Behind
  • Forced to Kneel
  • Pressed Against a Wall
  • Front Hug Attempt
  • Frame Strike
  • Front Bear Hug Under the Arms
  • Front Bear Hug Over the Arms
  • Rear Bear Hug Under the Arms
  • Rear Bear Hug Over the Arms
  • Thrusting Front Choke
  • Chest Straddled
  • Blocking Multiple Hits (with escape)
  • One Arm Front Grab – neck, shoulder, lapel
  • Hair Grab from front
  • Hair grab from back
  • Front Choke – pressed against a wall
  • Back Choke – pressed against a wall